Chapter 5: 57 Cents and the Faithfulness of God (P. 64-78)

Exhausted, poor and lonely, Jiang nearly hits bottom. However, through much prayer, God does the miraculous, allowing Jiang’s wife to obtain a visa to America.


Whether it’s for spiritual discernment, financial relief, healing, or intercessory healing of loved ones, more than likely we have petitioned God hundreds, perhaps, thousands of times.

Perhaps asking God for a miracle isn’t the proper approach. Rather than asking God to perform a miracle, we should be preparing to receive a miracle.

Prepare for a miracle? It could be reasoned that asking God for a miracle indicates a lack of faith. Our faith should not have to survive on a regular diet of miracles. If we truly have faith in God, the miracle will come according to His will. We must place our trust in God, not for what we are asking, but what we are expecting. So it is imperative that we prepare for a miracle so we don’t miss it.

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As an ordained pastor, John has ministered to people globally. John Long graduated from the prestigious Xi’an Jiaotong university in Shannxi, China before earning a Master of Business Administration from Oral Roberts University. He is president of International Village ministry and lives in Norman, OK, with his wife, May and their three children.
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